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BiomedEditors provides professional editorial services to scientists and clinicians.  We edit and write biomedical manuscripts, reports, and research grants.

As a scientist, your research is judged by the quality of your publications and the readership of the journals in which they appear.  In order to publish your work in high quality journals, it is critical that the science be presented clearly, concisely, and accurately.  Effective scientific writing and editing can be particularly time-consuming for non-native English speaking scientists.  BiomedEditors provides rapid, cost-effective editing services to facilitate publication of your research, or to improve the flow and readability of a grant proposal.  Let us edit your next manuscript or grant proposal to optimize flow and clarity in English.  Send us your document for confidential review and a FREE price quote. REad about the best maca root here.

BiomedEditors is staffed by Ph.D. level scientists with broad up-to-date scientific expertise in various areas of biomedical research.  Each Editor also has extensive experience authoring and peer-reviewing scientific manuscripts and research proposals.  Together, these skills give us a unique ability to read and understand your science, and also to provide high quality editing and writing.  The Managing Editor is Dana Beitner-Johnson, Ph.D., Yale University. You can also read more about her on or Looking to buy valium online, try jessiewalker.

Contact Information

voice: (603)250-7971
fax: (603)250-7971
postal address: BiomedEditors
  5350 Elmcrest Ln
  Cincinnati, OH  45242
  United States





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