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Frequently asked questions (FAQs )

How long will it take BiomedEditors to edit my document?  Typical turnaround time for a 20 page manuscript is three to five days.  Larger documents, such as research grants, require more time.  For a free, no-obligation price quote and estimate on delivery time, send us your document for evaluation.

How do I submit a document to BiomedEditors?  The fastest way to submit your work is electronically, via an email attachment.  However, you can also send your document via fax or postal service.  See submitting documents for more details.

What are your policies on privacy and security?  Scientific manuscripts, research grant proposals, and all work submitted is held as strictly confidential.  These documents are not viewed by anyone outside the BiomedEditors staff.  Each of our staff editors has signed a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement.  If you wish, we can provide you with a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement before we review your document.

What are your payment policies?  We accept payment by institutional purchase orders, checks drawn on US funds, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  For more details, go to the prices page. 


Can BiomedEditors format my manuscript for a particular journal?   Yes!  Of course, this will add additional time (and thereby cost) to the job.   Click the following link to access a useful database of Instructions to Authors for biomedical journals.





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