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Our standard editing service is $50 per hour.  The time required to edit manuscripts and grant proposals varies, depending on the level of editing required.  For example, a well-organized 20-page manuscript that needs only moderate copy-editing and proofreading may require 4 hours of work ($200) or less.  However, a poorly organized grant proposal that requires extensive re-writing and re-structuring could require 20 hours of editing ($1000).  Thus, we can provide the most cost-effective service if you submit a document that is well-organized and complete.  Send us your document to review for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION PRICE QUOTE for our services.  We will negotiate rates on large jobs (>40 pages).

Our express editing service is $70 per hour.  When available, we can provide express service within 72 hours.

Free Price Quotations

Interested?  Send us your document for a free evaluation.  We will provide a price quotation for our service within 48 hours.  There is no obligation.  Click on the following link to learn how to submit a document.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, institutional purchase orders, and checks drawn on US funds.  Payment by electronic wire transfer is accepted, however an extra charge will be added to cover the fees associated with this type of transaction (the charge varies depending on country where transaction originates, please inquire).  At this time, we are unable to process credit card transactions online.  To make payments, we can accept your credit card information by phone or fax.  Please do not send credit card information by email.


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