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Editing and Proofreading

Depending on your needs, we provide two levels of editorial service.  You may request either substantive editing or copy-editing and proofreading.  Alternatively, submit your document for us for a price quote and let us suggest an appropriate level of editing for your document.

bulletSubstantive Editing:  This is our most requested service, especially by non-native English speaking researchers.  Substantive editing involves organizational and stylistic editing throughout the text.  Depending on the document, this may involve extensive rewriting to improve the clarity and flow of the text.   All documents are corrected for spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation.
bulletCopy-editing and Proofreading: This service is appropriate for a well-organized manuscript that requires moderate rewriting for clarity at the sentence and paragraph levels.  This service is frequently requested by native English speaking scientists who are busy and want the convenience of our service to perfect and optimize an organized draft of their document.  All documents are corrected for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.



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