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Writing a research grant is extremely time-consuming.  Yet, it is critical that your work is presented clearly and persuasively for the review committee, whose members must read numerous grant proposals.  As anyone who has served on a review committee can attest, a poorly written or rushed grant is not likely to be received positively, regardless of the scientific content.  On the other hand, a concise and well-written proposal that highlights the significance and impact of your work stands a much better chance of being funded.

Members of our editorial staff who provide grantwriting services are experienced investigators who have received funding from sources such as the National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society.

Technical writing for grants or other purposes is billed at the same rate as our editorial services (see Prices).  All submitted work is held as strictly confidential, and we can provide you with a confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement, if you wish.




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