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Editing and Proofreading
Our highly experienced staff will edit and proof your manuscript or research proposal to best present your work for peer review.  We can provide both substantive editing and copy-editing, depending on your specific needs.  A clearly written manuscript has a much better chance of being published in a "high-impact" journal.   If requested, we can format your manuscript according to the guidelines of a specific journal or funding agency.   Click on the following link to access a useful database containing Instructions to Authors for scientific journals.
Grant Writing / Technical Writing
We can help write your research grants or technical reports.  Tim Nilsen, a member of the Cell Development and Function study section, reviews applications for the National Institutes of Health.  "People really underestimate the value of good English", says Dr. Nilsen.  "Applicants are very casual in the way they write, as if they're talking to labmates who already know and understand their projects."  Reviewers, however, become frustrated at having to read, reread, and decipher a research plan before understanding a project.  Useful advice on preparing successful grant applications can be found on the Grants and Grant writing page at the Science's NextWave website.
Our staff is highly skilled in both biomedical research and technical communication.  Let us help develop, write, and perfect your research proposal or report.


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